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September 16th, 2013 - Harry Styles arrives at the Burberry Prorsum Show at London Fashion Week

September 16th, 2013 - Harry Styles arrives at the Burberry Prorsum Show at London Fashion Week

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Kiss You BTS Vs. Midnight Memories BTS


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I now have a best part of this story:

So Harry comes over to a group of girls celebrating their friend Emily’s birthday. She puts some cake on he face, poses for a photo and pays their bar tab. Best part: as a job this girl is a princess. Her cake is a princess. Harry is a princess

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Anonymous asked,

That video of louis he looks hesitant talking to zayn but I asked my sisters mom (she's deaf) to help read his lips she said from what she can get because he has an accent was "bro um you know last night haz told me (he covers his mouth and said) something's" she then said he went on to say something like "I didn't (she couldn't catch that part) anything to you I went to my room" she said he then went "I didn't want it to seem" then the girl moved her camera


damn it all - i can only get to the ‘last night’ and then he covers his mouth but the rest is all ??????? but that’s amazing - tell your sister’s mom we thank her so much - her efforts are absolutely appreciated. 

maybe this is louis’ version of apologizing to zayn cause he blew him off to be with harry hehehehehehehe.

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Anonymous asked,

It's not even a big deal in the end, because I like to cook to woo someone too, but I also cook for my best friend when she's staying over... The "big deal" is because it's the same old story where Nick tries to use Harry's name so people talk about him. I hate when someone uses his "fame" for themselves, because that boy is so sweet and kind and deserves the best of everything.


that’s what I was trying to say. I really don’t care what story Nick tries to tell that somehow involves Harry. for what it’s worth he could’ve also talked about seeing a poster of Harry on his way to work or Harry ripping up his shirt at a party they went to together or snogging a girl there, I really don’t care about the implied ~Gryles of it all (though of course a story like this gets more people to pay attention to it) but in the end it’s all the same - namedropping. that’s the biggest problem I have with Harry and Nick’s friendship. when they’re seen out and about together Harry usually looks cheerful so I guess their friendship is genuine. but there’s definitely a business side to this friendship (I always forget that Nick is HJPR’s client too) and Nick does drop Harry’s name to get more attention and that’s not cool.

Harry is such a fun and chill guy about it somehow, but he’s so much more than just a name that you use to sell CDs.

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and that’s all everybody needs to know
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and that’s all everybody needs to know

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How ironic that Kacey Musgraves is also dating a guy in her band ;)

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2014 MTV EMA nominations have been announced!


1D are nominated in the following categories:

  • Best Pop
  • Best Live
  • Best UK & Ireland Act (voting is limited to UK & IRL residents, but: change your location in the black bar on the bottom right of the voting home page like this)
  • Biggest Fans (voting is by tweeting the hashtag #EMABiggestFans1D)

Voting is open now HERE.

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you smart, you very smart. Matter of fact, you a genius
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you smart, you very smart. Matter of fact, you a genius

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1D + tumblr (insp.)

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One of my favorite things is to go back and rewatch the first meetings of my favorite ships, cuz you get to be like “YEAH THAT’S THE LOVE OF YOUR LIFE RIGHT THERE.  YES THAT ONE. THE ONE YOU THINK YOU HATE RIGHT NOW.”

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